Diving in and life beyond the line

I’ve been thinking about food writing and putting some pieces together for awhile now, but didn’t want to commit. Whether that was out of fear of failure, procrastination or the idea that it may be too painful I haven’t quite figured out for sure. What pushed me to finally jump in were a few honest words from my best friend. We had dinner last night to celebrate her birthday (which is today) and we walked over to a grocery store to get hair-dye. Stopping in the aisle with magazines, I saw two magazines that immediately caught my eye. I picked up a gluten-free titled magazine and casually flipped through it. Ashley noticed the title and said four simple words, “you could write that”. I told her I had been contemplating the idea and been writing for months, and she told me to start a blog. “People get picked up that way all the time,” was her encouragement for my aspirations to legitimately be writing about food. While it may sound silly that I have been contemplating writing a blog so seriously, I promise there is some reasoning behind my hesitation.

Before we get into all that – here’s the jist: this blog will be a culmination of all things food-related. While recipes are great, and you may find a few here and there, I’m talking about ALL of it: the dining experience, what you think you know as a diner, what you definitely don’t know as a diner, realities of the industry, monumental events and occurrences (that aren’t particularly important to anyone who doesn’t cook professionally), rants-reviews-recommendations, insight to what’s actually happening in the kitchen, and observations on the novelty that has become ‘cooking shows’ – among other things. Allow me to introduce myself and explain how you came to be reading a blog about life beyond the line.


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